59 – Dr. Ward

This week, we’re visited by clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Ward. I can’t wait to learn about doctors in Foon!


Arnie: Arnie Niekamp
Chunt: Adal Rifai
Usidore: Matt Young
Dr. Ward: Shane Wilson
Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen
Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi

Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor: Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme Music: Andy Poland
Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban
Audio Assistance: Jason Knox
Additional Sound Effects by: InspectorJ and beman87 of Freesound.org

29 thoughts on “59 – Dr. Ward

  1. Jim Robinson Reply

    I started listening to this episode, but I turned it off after a short while. What a truly depressing turn. Is this the end of Hello from the Magic Tavern?

    • Jim Robinson Reply

      Ok, ok. I made myself listen to the rest of the episode. It was great. Sorry for my lack of faith, my dark night of the Magic tavern, as it were.

      • Druid Kevin Reply

        i was there with ya Jim, a whole lot of (oh please don’t turn this into serious bs i loved this show!) i am a MITE concerned about the ending where they had Dr Ward talking about how he had(gone deeper) so long as i never hear about this particular idea for a plot twist again im good. but MAN if it didn’t throw some doubt into the mix

  2. Nylan the Orange Reply

    I am a recent listener (due to their partnership with Earwolf) and was severely disappointed in the ending of the episode. Hopefully, none of THAT was real, as the last thing I want is for Arnie to be simply suffering from schizophrenia. It’s not the humor from that that bothers me; it’s that I listen to the podcast because I love the fact that, in the podcast’s universe, Foon IS real and Arnie DID travel to a magical world. I WANT him to be experiencing the escapism that I’ve dreamed of. That, and it breaks my heart that Usidor and Chuu-Chuu are more or less figments of Arnie’s delusional mind. #chuntlives

  3. Jonnzn Reply

    What a great episode. A real mindbender(for me at least), i love it!

  4. Jim Robinson Reply

    I totally understand, Nylan. I have decided just to pretend that last segment does not exist. If I dwelt on it, I would stop listening. Frankly, if this storyline continues, I’ll stop listening. The great humor of the show is just not near enough to overcoming the depressiveness of it all being a delusion of Arnie’s.

  5. Daley Reply

    An idea and plot twist that should have been discarded. Hope this doesn’t continue or I too will stop listening. The joy and fun was sucked from the story for me with this episode. Hope the old HFTMT comes back soon, and that this isn’t a lame exit strategy to end the show.

  6. Alis Reply

    This episode made me so mad…at least the beginning portion. I felt like the story was ruined 🙁 I mean, I think they recovered towards the end, but ughh it was rough getting through it.

    • Janice Reply

      Alis, completely agree. This episode was probably my least favorite so far, and I’ve listened to them all. This one sucked!

  7. Leeroy Reply

    Jeezus…what a bunch of whiners. This episode was fine. They try to deliver something new and all anyone can do is bitch. Personally I like the fact that they try new story lines and I think they’ve had WAY more home runs than strike outs. Also…it’s free. Suck it up buttercups and quit yer bitchin! Keep up the great work gentleman! You too Arnold.

    • Druid Kevin Reply

      Leeroy. Have you never heard of the “it’s all a dream” cop out? It’s what lesser writers do when they don’t know how to end their own story. It’s a total fail in the terms of story telling and is widely panned as a bad move. The “they are crazy/it’s all in their head ” is the exact same kind of lazy writing cop out. Imagine if Harry Potter was really just the delution of Harry’s mind and he was rocking back and forth under the stairs having finally broken. Depressing as hell and ruins the story. Or if lord of the rings was just the dreams of frodo as he died from the wraith stab and darkness won. It’s crap. You wouldn’t read something like that. He’ll name any story that has an ending that is a cop out that had big success. You maybe able to overlook the darkness of that plot but it literally kills the humor. There is nothing funny about people who are stuck in their madness and seeing other worlds. I have family who have similar mental problems, and let me tell you. There is nothing funny at all about watching someone you care about be completely out of touch with reality. We came here for the humor, not dark shots of reality. Give me butt jokes or give me chunt!

      • Scrabble Qi Reply

        But, this episode fools you into thinking that’s happening and then twists it around. You obviously didn’t listen to it fully through…

  8. Leeroy Reply

    Kevin. Take your faux outrage and shove it. Sorry if this episode reminded you of your mom. I’ve never seen or read Harry Potter but from what I’ve heard I think I’d prefer the story line of him going nutters and curling up in a ball under the stairs. We all apologize for life being sooooo difficult. Maybe the internet isn’t for you.

    • Druid Kevin Reply

      Jebus if anyone has outrage issues its you Leeroy. Your last name wouldn’t happen to be Jenkins would it? I’m just trying to explain things from the other side of view. But you seem to have some kind of something up somewhere where sun don’t shine for that level of hostility. Anyone that gets this bent out of shape over opinions and feels either comes straight out of trolldom or just can’t handle real people. I’d hate to know you in real life. You have fun in that inky blackness of indignation, rage, and hiding under bridges. Imma go learn some more about FML and actually be HAPPY!

  9. Leeroy Reply

    “inky blackness of indignation, rage, and hiding under bridges” … LOL! Hyperbole much? Like I said, Faux rage. No one was making fun of mental health issues but you’ve now put your’s on display for everyone to see. Runs in the family? Nicely done 🙂

    • Wutard Reply

      So I wonder… if the flower in Arnie’s room was mangled from his deluded conversations with ‘Flower’, then what is the origin of the Humonculus?

  10. Foon Fan Reply

    As I began to listen to this ep, I thought, “Darn. After a year, Arnie’s tired of doing the podcast and is ending it. Too bad!” Glad that this wasn’t the case.

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  12. Scrabble Qi Reply

    I was seriously hating on this episode, because I mistakingly thought the podcast had been going in one very cliche direction for storytelling and plot devices…but man, what a clever twist at the end!

  13. Edwin Reply

    Was there a Magicians ref in the episode? I thought the Mysterious Man mentioned there was, but I didn’t pick up on it.

  14. DB Reply

    The absolute worst episode to date. I bet the proponents of this episode are all spawn of the dark lord (yes, lowercase).

  15. Gladius Munchkin Reply

    Based on the Buffy reference I basically decided that the monster’s power is to draw its subject’s mind and perceptions into an alternate reality where all people who are relevant or important in their own realities are just a mentally ill person undergoing treatment in an earth-like reality in order to try and extract secrets from said subject. Because if there are an infinite number of alternate realities, then surely there would be one where Arnie is in a mental institution hallucinating his entire adventure.

    Holy tits that was a doozy of an episode though

  16. Kyrstin Reply

    WTF Guys… literally the most depressing episode of Buffy for you to spoof. I would much rather you guys have a musical episode. I appreciate the cleverness behind it but ugggh, so depressing.

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